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A.M. Benz is an Ottawa based emerging visual artist creating wall art and sculpture.  She primarily works with various types of glass, paper, and wire while utilizing ancient mosaic techniques as the basis for creating a modern design.  A.M. has trained in Italy with respected mosaic masters in Venice and Ravenna and in North America with respected sculptors. Her work has been shown in juried exhibitions in Canada and the US.  

In her practice, A.M. prefers to avoid a purely flat surface most of the time (not all, but most!).  She creates some sort of dimensional space for each of her pieces.  They may float, have multi-levels or be sculptural forms.  A lifelong obsession with energy and movement influence her choice of materials, which are chosen and placed in specific spots to catch the light and simulate movement across the dimensional spaces.

Download printable CV below:


"Energy and art go where they will"

Jerry Saltz 
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